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Among the many decisions you make during a construction project, the most important is choosing the right material from the start. What’s the toughest, most dependable material available to fit your needs? Steel is a tried-and-true alloy for internal support and exterior casing. Since the first steel-framed building and skyscrapers in the 1800s, steel has become the universal standard for first-class construction. Here are a few reasons why steel construction is better and more reliable than traditional wood and concrete.

Why should I consider building with steel?

The longevity of steel is unmatched, with properly built steel structures capable of standing for 50 to 100 years. More traditional construction materials, such as wood and concrete, are likely to break down more quickly than steel. As a hygroscopic material, wood is susceptible to shrinkage and swelling as it absorbs water from its surroundings. Cracks, the mortal enemy of concrete, can also hold moisture which can cause damage by creating more gaps and reducing structural integrity. With a zinc coating to protect it from rust, the steel we use to construct our buildings is water-resistant. With the ability to retain its strength in temperatures up to 700ºF, steel is also considered fire-resistant. Steel is also highly customizable. Building with steel makes it easier to expand and attach additional elements such as roof extensions, secondary framing, or end walls.

Am I saving time and money with steel?

The raw material for steel structures is more expensive than wood. With the endurance of steel outranking that of wood, the longer-lasting steel buildings will cost more. However, most steel structures are pre-engineered, with building components manufactured beforehand and assembled on site. This means they can take less time to build than wood and concrete structures that are usually traditionally constructed, with foundations, walls, and other components produced and put up on site.

What type of maintenance requirements can I expect?

Maintenance for metal buildings is typically low-cost and relatively easy compared to other buildings. Some ways to keep your steel in good shape are routine inspections around twice a year, adding features such as gutters and downspouts to keep water from collecting, and washing your building when it gets noticeably dirty.

How safe are steel buildings? Steel is recognized as one of the safest options for construction. Its fire resistance and strength make steel a durable, dependable material. Steel is low maintenance, which means the integrity of your building is ensured. Also, common pests and problems like bugs and mold can be avoided.

Is steel recyclable?

Did you know steel is one of the most recycled materials globally? Around 80 million tons of steel are recycled each year in North America. Since it’s a metal, steel can be recycled without damaging any of its original properties, and its magnetic properties make it easy to separate from other materials.

Steel is the way to go

As a recyclable, sound material with unrivaled longevity and flexibility, steel is an amazing for any structurally sound, reliable building. Steel’s reliability and cost-effectiveness may make it the right choice for your next construction project.

Quality steel buildings are what we do here at Ironsite Construction. To get started on your new project contact 432-758-3422 or learn more here on our website.