Interior Build Outs


At IronSite, we offer the opportunity to turn your steel buildings into more than just an industrial building or warehouse through interior build-outs. By building out the interior of structures, we create office spaces, storefronts or even living spaces. Don’t let your image of steel buildings be limited to only storage or the housing of machinery – the possibilities are endless.

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Housing your business in a steel building, or as an add-on to your steel warehouse or processing facility, has many benefits. Not only is steel sustainable and energy efficient, but it also offers the ability to be built out, and one building can serve several functions.

If you currently own a steel building used for manufacturing of any sort, don’t go needlessly look for additional space in a different location to house your office. IronSite can build out part of the interior of your building to house offices, allowing for all aspects of your business to be on site.

Whether you need an office for a supervisor or an accountant, there are several options available when constructing offices.


The term upcycling has begun replacing recycling in the construction industry. While ten years ago it might have been absurd to consider living in a steel structure, advancements in the construction industry have made it possible.

Converting Steel buildings into unique and eye-catching living spaces is accomplished with relative ease. Interior build-outs can take buildings from industrial workshops to homes in less time than new construction.


Building out a storefront to your steel building or warehouse allows for a smoother flow of business from manufacturing to merchandising. Having a storefront attached to your business keeps costs low, as goods no longer need to be transported to a store location, and renting or purchasing an additional space is not required.

Creating even a small storefront can do wonders for your bottom line, as it encourages potential customers to visit, learn more and purchase products or services directly from you.

Have you ever wondered if building out an interior storefront would be beneficial for your business? Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.