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Do you need a space to step back from work and focus on your passions? Somewhere to hold your prized car collection? Just a place to store your boat during the winter? For these vary reasons and more, metal buildings are becoming a popular extension to homes everywhere. Your passions are different than the next guys and your building may be set up differently to accommodate those needs. The two most popular types of buildings are the garage and workshop.

What About Garages?

Garages are typically built to house vehicles such as cars, off-road vehicles and boats. The floor plans vary according to the number of vehicles you have, and how much work space you need. A garage is mostly like the best choice for your steel building if you need to house a collection of vehicles.

What About Workshops?

Workshops are a bit more versatile in their use, and are associated more with personal projects. You could use your workshop to build carpentry projects, engineer plans, work on your artwork, or store equipment and supplies. A workshop would be a perfect addition to your home if you’re running out of space in your garage, or simply don’t have the creative space to complete your projects.

What About a Little Bit of Both?

Luckily for you, IronSite Construction specializes in the construction of exterior garages, workshops and custom constructed spaces! So even if you’re needing a space that functions as both workshop and garage, IronSite will deliver a building that perfectly meets your needs. Learn more about our services and see our past work at IronSite Construction.

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