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Hobbs, Mexico: A City on the Rise 

Located in the southeast corner of New Mexico, just 4 miles from the West Texas border, Hobbs is a city overflowing with rich culture, natural beauty, and flourishing industry. As well as being the #1 oil-producing basin in the world, Hobbs is also home to a boom in metal craftsmanship that contributes to the expanding economy. The ease and affordability of building using steel shells have residential and commercial development on the rise in the recent boom. The most prominent buildings and structures in Hobbs, such as the iconic entrance sign, are steel constructions through which the development of industry in Hobbs, NM, is evident. 

When arriving in Hobbs, the first thing greeting visitors is the entrance sign. Visible day and night, this structure is New Mexico’s version of the Hollywood sign in the southwestern style. This sign is not just a way to know where you are, but a beautiful piece of metal art. It’s the perfect landmark for a family photo-op and an image of Hobbs that will last forever. 

Steel buildings house and protect one of Hobbs’ most unique organizations. Soaring Society of America supports and promotes all sorts of air-borne activities, such as hang-gliding and operating aircraft. It also provides scholarships for flight training academies. Since SSA’s founding in 1932, membership has grown to almost 10,000, reflecting the rapidly increasing population of Hobbs. Conventions happen in steel airplane hangars, where hundreds of aviation- 
buffs come to admire aircraft and meet fellow members. 

The most significant hallmark of the incredible development of Hobbs is the construction of the Center of Recreational Excellence. Taking decades to plan and costing $63.5 million, CORE is a multigenerational recreational facility with the tallest indoor waterslide in New Mexico, year-round sports, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a three-story jungle gym, and an array of family-friendly activities. Attracting members from all over New Mexico, this recreational 
facility is a product of a thriving industry and the increased accessibility to steel. 

Hobbs, New Mexico, is a family-oriented city that values its old and young citizens alike. Built upon a collaborative, caring, and engaged community, the growth of oil and gas manufacturing is dependent on the progress of steel production. Hobbs’ beautifully crafted, intricately designed steel structures are perpetual reminders of the fantastic development of industry and the city. 

For more than 25 years, Ironsite Construction has been committed to quality steel building construction throughout West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. We believe in the strength, longevity, and flexibility of steel structures. From Seminole to the Permian Basin, to Hobbs and beyond, we love to see thriving communities embracing steel construction to grow quickly and sustainably. To set up an appointment and get started on your next project, call us at 432-758-3422, or fill out a contact form.