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Metal buildings have seen a rise in popularity. These cost-efficient solutions to housing, industrial, and office space have many benefits over other construction types. You may now be looking at metal roofing as an option for your homes. The advantages of putting a metal roof on your building are clear.

You Can Install a Metal Roof Over an Existing Roof

What’s better than a layer of protection from the outdoor elements? How about two layers? If local building codes allow it, you can install a metal roof over an existing roof, which means that a lot of the mess that comes with tearing off tiles and shingles before new installation occurs doesn’t have to happen. 

Of course, ventilating your roof will be important because you don’t want water vapor to gather between the two layers. Still, our professional installation team will ensure that the job is done correctly. So, you don’t have to worry about water-related issues like mildew and mold. 

A Metal Roofing Is Just as Quiet as Other Roofing Material

There’s a rumor that a metal roof creates more noise pollution than an asphalt roof. IronSite is here to tell you that it’s simply not true. It might be hard to believe when you think about rain or hail falling on top of it. 

We know what sound a pebble makes when it hits rolled metal sheets. With the proper installation, your metal roof will be just as quiet as any other roof. Attic insulation provides a noise barrier in most homes. Also, metal roofs are installed over a substrate that helps eliminate noise interrupting your home’s peace and quiet. 

Metal Roofs Are Cost Effective

Let’s start with the facts here. Many insurance companies offer reduced rates when they find out you are covering your home with a metal roof. The reason for that is that they know that metal roofs tend to last longer than other types of coverings. Most metal roofs have an estimated longevity of some 40-70 years. 


That time frame dramatically reduces the replacement cost, considering your roof could last as long as the person living under it, or at least as long as they may own the home. So, overall, a metal roof can save you from the heartache and financial burden of replacing a damaged roof.

Metal Roofs Are Resistant to Fire, Pests, and Rot

Did we mention that metal roofs resist many problematic occurrences of other types of roofing? For example, termites can’t eat metal. Fire has a challenging time burning it, and it doesn’t absorb water. When you put a metal roof on your building, you eliminate pests, fire, and water damage. 

That’s quickly reducing 75% of the probable causes of damage that a roof inspector might find during their inspection. Strong wind and large hail can still cause problems for a metal roof but eliminating all of those other issues makes you wonder why every building already doesn’t have a metal roof. 

Metal Roofs Are More Energy Efficient

A metal roof is a good option if you want to save money on your electric bill. They don’t absorb heat like asphalt, wood, or clay tiles do. Instead, metal roofs bounce that heat off and can reduce cooling by 25%. 

A Metal Roof Can Be Recycled

It’s obvious where all those asphalt shingles will go once, they’ve been torn off your roof. But, even in its destruction, a metal roof is the clear winner compared to other materials. Any metal recycling location will gladly accept your old metal roof and will probably pay you based on how much it weighs. You’ll save space in the landfill and make a little extra change on the side. 

Call the Metal Building Experts Today

Metal roofs are beneficial in so many ways. They are helping to save you energy consumption, waste reduction, and costly repairs. The benefits are considered advantageous when you weigh your options. Call Ironsite today to find out more about metal construction.

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