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While you might fill your recycle bin full of items each week, few materials in this world are infinitely recyclable. Steel is a unique building material investment that is never wasted, and the construction of steel structures is deeply rooted in the history of IronSite Construction. Here is what makes steel a uniquely sustainable material:

Steel Can Be Used Forever

Every piece of steel utilized in a building is made up of recycled material. All steel can be recovered and completely recycled into a new high-quality steel product. The recycling loop of steel is truly a closed loop, which is not the case for most “recyclable” materials. Since steel is infinitely recycled, investing in the building of steel structures is investing in the sustainability of future generations.

Manufactured Steel Is Not Wasted

Non-renewable resources like minerals and fossil fuels are used to make steel. However, since steel can be used forever, the investment of these resources is not wasted. Steel structures also require less building material than concrete or wooden structures, which makes it an ideal form of sustainable material. 

Steel Is Only Used, Never Consumed

Steel is a durable and safe building material that is not easily susceptible to rot, termites or mold. When you use this sustainable material in framing, it will last hundreds, if not thousands, of years due to its zinc coating. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and since it is truly recycled, the sustainable material can never be “consumed,” only used.

The long-term investment of steel offers some benefits, including durability and sustainability. IronSite Construction offers general contracting services for warehouse-style steel buildings, as well as custom office spaces, insulated cold storage facilities, and much more. Learn more about the reliability and timeliness of IronSite Construction

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