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Prefabricated metal buildings are much easier to design, erect, and care for than most competitive building materials. Steel buildings come well-equipped with features that reduce the amount of maintenance needed and keep your long-term costs at a minimum. They are energy efficient, flexible in their design, and strong in their structure.  

But just like everything else in life, these structures still need to be kept up with proper care and maintenance to give them the longest life possible. Here are some tips to extend the lifespan of your commercial metal buildings in areas like Midland, TX, where the West Texas climate is as unpredictable as it gets. 

Create Constant Air Circulation 

Maintaining a stable indoor environment is essential in places where the climate can fluctuate.  It’s always a good idea to ensure your building has constant air circulation. Proper ventilation is key. This way, no matter what the weather conditions are outside, you can rest assured everything inside is safe and sound.  

Firstly, it is a good idea to open a few windows, which will allow for fresh air. Next, you are going to need good ventilation inside, to ensure a healthy indoor environment. Lastly, make sure there is no air blockage in your building because keeping air trapped in with no circulation can cause a very unpleasant, warm, and even poor-smelling environment.  

Go with Vertical Roof Design 

Vertical roof designs are common to see on metal buildings in Midland, Odessa, and all of the surrounding areas. There are a lot of great reasons to follow the trend. Not only does this design provide superior protection against the diverse Permian Basin weather, like floods, seismic waves, snowfall, or storms, but leaves, snow, and water can easily run down these vertical roofs. This avoids accumulations in ridges. Otherwise, this could lead to rusting and other issues, which we will get into later.  

Keep the Area Clean  

Good maintenance starts day one – before your building is even up and ready. It is crucial to keep your construction zone clean before the building is even set up. Give the area a thorough sweep and ensure no metal shavings remain anywhere. These shavings could wind up on the roof or ground which could be dangerous.  

Make sure to also clean all the gutters, and ensure they are fully drained. This way, there is no danger of future moisture issues. This task includes keeping tree limbs at bay, as these could cause a buildup of leaves in the gutters. Sometimes you won’t be able to see a clog building until it is already present. In this case, a power washer is fast and easy fix.  

Be aware of Rust 

Though metal buildings in Midland and other west texas cities are typically built with 100% galvanized steel for rust resistance, prolonged water exposure could still lead to corrosion. There is always a chance that rust will come if parts of your building are exposed to water. To combat this, ensure there is no water pooling against your steel building anywhere. If rust does occur, be sure to address it swiftly. Leaving it unattended could cause it to spread further.  

Lastly, do not overlook smaller areas that are susceptible to rust, which can greatly impact the building’s lifespan, such as doors that are in frequent use. Always keep the hinges of these doors oiled.  

Stay on top of Landscaping 

Naturally, larger trees and bushes around your structure can pose a threat to the foundation of your building, but smaller foliage can be an issue as well. For this reason, bushes and hedges should be a safe distance away from your building and should be trimmed regularly to avoid contact with the exterior of your building. Plants that grow a little too close to the side could prevent fresh air from getting in and can prohibit quality circulation. 

Never Neglect Repairs 

Finally, if your building is ever in need of any repairs, you should never neglect them. Leaving a damaged building alone will only lead to further issues, which can take more time and money to repair. A steel building is a great option for any commercial building.  

Call the Metal Building Experts Today 

If you’re considering a commercial metal building in Midland or anywhere else in West Texas,  IronSite is here to help. We work hard with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with the project. With years of experience in the metal building industry, we know what we’re doing. Call IronSite today! 


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