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Steel buildings have lower insurance rates. They are affordable long-term solutions that can be bought or built no matter what the housing market is like. They are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use. In addition to their affordability and ease of construction, metal buildings are easy to insure because of their ability to withstand the major claims of insurance losses.

The top 3 insurance claims from 2016 to 2020 were wind and hail, water damage and freezing, and fire and lightning.

Wind and Hail

Wind and hail made up for 45.5% of Homeowner’s Insurance Losses in 2020. Steel buildings are one of the strongest materials that you can choose. They are tested to extremes that directly  affect how weatherproof and hail resistant they are. This is good news for Texas residents as they place #1 for hail damage yearly. The more you protect your properties from these sources of damage the lower your insurance costs will be.

Water Damage and Freezing

With the ever-changing temperatures here in Texas, you have likely dealt with many different severe weather situations. Thankfully, freezes aren’t usually one of them. However, if the last few winters have been any indication, even if your area isn’t as prone to high rain and icy temperatures as other areas here in the states, it is good to be prepared. Steel buildings are tested for all kinds of weather including water sealing. Water that can’t get in is less likely to cause problems when freezing.

Fire and Lightning

The dry heat, the burn warnings, and fires themselves lead to all kinds of losses, both to property and wildlife. Steel buildings are insured differently from other buildings. Because steel buildings do not add fuel to the fires themselves, they are considered non-combustible and put in a different insurance rating because of their ability to withstand these threats.


Termites do roughly 5 billion dollars in damage to properties every year. On top of the damage they do, there are a variety of other costs beyond repairs including the mass amounts of time, effort, and treatments it takes to get rid of the infestation. Termites are no match for steel which is a bonus!

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