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Industrial buildings have come a long way since their introduction as cost-efficient solutions to business and residential construction. In that time, metal buildings have been warmly embraced for their versatility, longevity, and minimal maintenance. Thus, metal buildings are increasingly popular, and it’s become common to see them on your daily commute. 

But as with any market on a steady incline, the final product has begun to evolve. While many metal buildings are apparent from the outside, others hide in plain sight. Surprisingly, metal buildings are starting to not look like metal buildings at all. In recent years new siding options have developed for these constructions, effectively masking their true origin from the masses. Stucco, wood, and decorative veneers are popular finishing options for metal building owners. 


Stucco is fast and easy to spray on the exterior of a metal building. The texture and look this material provides are often preferred to the raw metal panels underneath. You can also apply stucco panels over the metal sheets. This practice allows your room to increase the insulation of your building by packing the space between the metal and the stucco with energy-efficient material.

One thing to remember when considering stucco as a finish for your metal building is that the material can be heavy. Adding weight to the exterior of your building will require more support on the inside. Be sure to let your builder know if you plan to add any external finishes to your building so that they can increase the structure’s support.

With better insulation, easy application, and a more pleasing aesthetic, it’s not hard to see why stucco is a popular choice for metal building owners. 

Brick and Stone Veneer 

It’s hard to imagine any material that offers a look as traditional as brick siding. You can find the material on office buildings and homes everywhere. Brick provides a sense of security to the homeowners and a pleasing aesthetic to the neighborhood. While building a brick wall over the metal panels of your building would increase the cost of your installation exponentially, there is another option to give your metal building the traditional look of brick.

Brick Veneers panels are commercially designed to be placed over walls. The design looks and feels like brick, but it isn’t. The panels are easily accessible and installing them is quick and easy. Doing so helps ensure that the metal has a protective layer to prevent rust and other external dangers. 

Like brick, faux stone is another option that is easy to apply to the exterior of a metal building. If you’re looking for a more modern look, faux stone can give it to you. Also offering moisture protection, this solution will ensure that your metal building stays rust-free. 


Last but not least, wood is always a crowd-pleaser. Wood provides a unique rustic look that is hard to ignore. However, wood requires more maintenance and upkeep compared to the other materials in this list. Wood must be stained or painted to protect it from harsh weathering that can ruin the wood over time. Still, if you’re willing to commit to slightly higher maintenance, wood looks stunning when it’s set to contrast those strong metal panels. 

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