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In Texas, severe weather is a consistent part of life. You can hear long-time residents often quipping that if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes, and it’ll change. One of the significant and unique issues about our state’s weather is its frequent exposure to hailstorms and the huge size of the hail that those storms produce.   

Many property owners turn to steel buildings because of their versatility. In addition, their robust nature makes them an excellent choice for the wide range of weather protection needs we face here in the wild West.  

Insurance Companies and Property Owners Have Hail on the Mind  

If you’ve grown up with Texas hailstorms, you’re probably not surprised by how much damage they do. You may shrug, knowing that dents and damage are a part of life, just like knowing where to seek shelter if a hailstorm catches you unawares. Steel buildings have many styles and functions, along with many weather-resistant options available.   

The sturdy nature of these buildings will save your property from damage and your pocketbook from the increases your insurance premium may take if you must file a claim. But, according to your insurance company, hail is nothing to scoff at and should be considered more thoughtfully. Every year, Texas hail creates millions of dollars’ worth of property damage, more than any other state!   

Steel Buildings Are Held to Different Standards  

Property owners don’t have to fear when a hailstorm rolls in when they utilize a steel building. Steel buildings and their components are tested in various ways to ensure that they are safe and stable under extreme conditions, some of which directly relate to hail and storm damage.   

With steel buildings for your business, home, or storage needs, you and your insurance agent will breathe easier even if the sky falls. As a bonus, steel is an excellent choice for more than just weather safety; it is long-lasting and resistant to mold, bugs, and fire! No matter the use, steel is the material of choice for durable and protective structures.   

You don’t have to fear the hail when you have a robust steel building in use! Contact IronSite Construction to learn more about our storm-safe products and how they can meet your needs.