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Spring is upon us, and that means the first peak season in house selling and buying. If you’re buying a house, you have an ample selection to choose from. If you’re selling, however, you must find ways to stand out in a buyers’ market but still sell the house for what you need in order to be able to buy another house. One of the ways to stand out? Raising your property value as high as you can, with renovations and repairs, while spending as little as possible.

Here are a few renovations/repairs from HGTV’S Matt Blashaw (Money Hunters), and Nicole Curtis (Rehab Addict), that they picked as must do’s. You can do these affordably to raise your property value in time for Spring selling.


Most experts agree that the kitchen is the best investment in raising the value of your home. Matt and Nicole agree that upgrading the flooring, appliances, modernizing it, etc. is important, however, they believe investing in your layout is the most beneficial. There is a triangle in your kitchen that makes up the cook area, sink, and dishwasher. If these have a layout that flows and makes working easier, then buying new hardware, cabinets, appliances, and extras become even easier.


Everyone loves a nice bathroom to relax in. By making a few small adjustments you can turn a dull bathroom into a wow bathroom. Work on installing new fixtures, sprucing up the shower and giving the bathroom a nice paint to brighten the room, followed up with some beautiful crown molding, will make your bathroom stand out without really having to do much.


People have a much better understanding of floors nowadays, especially with shows like Rehab Addict that teach you or show off styles you like. Nicole suggests liquidation centers or salvage yards to find real, cheaper hardwood floors that can be dressed and stained to look brand new.

Furnace/HVAC replacement/Insulation (I.e. Go Green)

“Invest in the guts”, spending money to make your house greener, like tinting the windows, insulating your house better, and getting a greener HVAC unit are a must. Do it early enough when you purchase a house, and you save tons of money, and when you’re ready to sell you’ve already made the first steps to set yourself above the competition.

Front Yard

Take care of your front yard. First impressions are crucial (A book is judged by its cover), and having a beautiful yard sets the tone for what sellers should expect inside, and tells them that if you take care of your yard, you must care even more for your house.