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The Benefits of Metal Roofing

As more and more homeowners realize the optimum benefits of metal roofing, it is important to note why your next roof should be metal. Not only are they versatile when it comes to building and customization but they are being used more often now in modern construction. This is mainly because that their life spans are impeccable. A metal roof is expected to last as long as the house itself; this is important when your roof is literally over your head. They are practically impenetrable by rain, snow, insects, fire, mildew, and rot, unlike conventional roofs. Plus most metal roofs come with a factory warranty that lasts 20 to 50 years. Shingles do not have that type of coverage.

Metal Roofing Withstands the Elements

Being in West Texas, we know very too well that when it rains, it pours. The same is to be said when it snows. With metal roofing, none of these elements are a threat because they are impervious. Increased runoff is also a trait that makes metal roofs unique; they are slick and allow for heavy snow to slide off.

Metal Roofs Are Non-Combustible

Lastly metal roofs are non-combustible; in fact, they are given a Class A fire rating which is the most resistant rating that can be achieved! Shingle based roofs made from combustible materials are given a lower Class C rating.

The next time you’re planning on putting a roof over your head, thank about a metal roof. From the multiple benefits they bring, the choice is clear. Let your friends at IronSite install and customize your next project! Contact IronSite today