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Metal buildings are taking the world by storm in all industries and for all applications because of their durability, budget-friendly long-term cost, and overall versatility. These structures deliver incredible results for those in need of any type of building from office spaces to warehouses to barns. But just how durable are metal buildings? And how long can you expect a quality metal building to last? How long do metal buildings last? IronSite has the answers. 

Steel Buildings Resist Many Damaging Elements 

An unavoidable fact is that buildings deteriorate over time. Many factors contribute to the lifespan of a building, but the construction material used is perhaps the most important. Steel has the ability to withstand many elements that can bring a building down. Metal roofing options are available that can withstand up to 160 mph winds! On top of this, steel buildings are naturally resistant to moisture, plant rooting, mold, and cracks. With some simple maintenance, a metal building’s life can be prolonged even further.  

How long do metal buildings last? A Metal Building Can Last Decades 

Typically, a metal building will last several decades. Lasting 50-plus years is common. To ensure your metal building lasts as long as possible, some maintenance is encouraged. Keeping the building clean is one of the top ways to protect your structure. Rust doesn’t always have to be a huge cause for concern if addressed quickly. Scrubbing the affected area with vinegar and a brush will usually take care of this issue. Additionally, various coat and paint options are available to protect the metal surface further.  

A Metal Building Will Save You Money  

Because of their long life, investing in a metal building is a no-brainer when it comes to saving money. A higher upfront can result in long-term savings from lower maintenance and upkeep costs. As a bonus, metal buildings also come with lower insurance costs thanks to their resistance to damaging elements.  

Call IronSite to Get the Steel Structure You Deserve 

How long do metal buildings last? If you’re looking for the right option for a new building, consider taking advantage of steel. With a longer lifespan, minimal maintenance, natural protection, and creative freedom, steel might just be your best bet. Contact IronSite now to see how we can help deliver a structure that lasts a lifetime! 

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