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The Most Unusual Homes in the World

As a group of construction experts, we’ve seen our fair share of unusual requests and designs. In the spirit of the unusual, we have compiled a list of homes around the world that a guaranteed to fascinate and intrigue you.

#1 Solvay Hut – Zermatt, Switzerland

solvay hut

Built in 1915, the Solvay Hut is a mountain hut located on the north-eastern side of the Matterhorn. At 13,133 ft, It is currently the highest mountain hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club. Although it would be amazing to live inside, the hut can only be used in case of emergencies in the area.

The name comes from founder Ernest Solvay, who was a Belgian chemist and industrialist.

#2 The Aura House – Island of Cyprus

aura house

Based on the famous woodblock print appropriately named The Great Wave, this futuristic villa is a spectacle no matter which way you look at it. It is situated close to the beach and fitted with amazing and innovative spaces that would appeal to almost anyone. Some of these amenities include six bedrooms, a gym, a media room, a large swimming pool with two Jacuzzis, and a yoga platform.

#3 Skateboard House – Malibu, California

skateboard house

Now, we’ve heard of having bowling alleys and private basketball courts in fancy homes, but a skateboarding rink is a new one. Dreamed up by skateboarder Pierre Andre Senizergues, the home is going to be built in California by architect Francois Perrin and designer Gil Lebon Delapoint. Senizergues “wanted to skate over every surface of his new house, inside and out,” thus, the skateboard house was born.

The home will be split into three different sections. The farthest end to be a practice area, the middle a bedroom and bathroom, and the accommodation area for living and dining. The house has not been constructed yet, but there have been full-sized prototypes created to show how the walls, floors, and ceilings will form a continuous curved surface.

#4 Stone House – Portugal

stone house

In an interesting use of natural materials, the stone house receives its name because it’s, well, composed entirely of rock. Four large boulders act as the foundation, walls, and ceiling of the home. Construction on the house began in 1972, but it wasn’t completed until two years later.

Originally used as a holiday destination for the owners, it now serves as a small museum filled with relics and photographs of the creator’s history.

#5 Inversion House – Houston, TX

inversion house

Although no longer on display, the inversion house became a spectacle in Houston from the moment of its inception. Created in 2005 by artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, Inversion was one of the most well-known sculptures of the city. However, the structure was later demolished for construction of a new building.

The piece itself was made out of exterior pieces of wood peeled off of houses. These pieces were used to create a large cortex that funneled into a small hallway. The hallway connected the two buildings and exited through a small hole into a courtyard.

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